WP Viral Rater 3.0

WP Viral Rater 3.0
Sale Page: http://www.wpviralrater.com/

Product Price: $27

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These are all the things WP Viral Rater will do for you:

Integrate seamlessly into any Digital Marketing Campaign Work Effectively on Posts or Pages WHERE you want it to
Generate User interest with a Unique Rating/Voting System
Create Social Mention Options to 4 Major Social Media Sites
Generate Dynamic Pop Ups perfect for OTOs or +1 buttons for your site
Create Contests that your visitors can Rate
Create a Truly Interrative User Experience
Creates Instant Feedback Opportunities
Allows you to Create Killer Contests to Draw Curiosity Seekers
Generate Potential Income from the following streams:

Easy Installation Services
Lead Capture
Affiliate Marketing
SEO Services & Potential SERP increase!
Social Marketing/ Social Networking
Any place there is a WP site and an OFFER!

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