WP Cross Sell 1.0

WP Cross Sell 1.0
Official Sales Page: http://wpcrosssell.com

Value: $9.95

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“WP Cross Sell – Game Changing WordPress Plugin Creates Unlimited Upsells So You Never Miss the Chance to Sell That Extra Low Ticket, Membership or High Ticket Item Ever Again!

Monetize your Download Pages Instantly & Make the Easiest Backend Profits Ever…!

This new WP Cross Sell plugin takes the power of cross selling and the power of affiliate marketing to create a very seamless monetized download page in minutes.

But what we have created is something that somewhat of a hybrid of Cross Selling, mixed with straight upsell even mixed with sneaky One-Time-Offers. You have the ability to customize these offer sliders to do whatever you want them to do.

So when you create your download pages, you always have your offer slider always ready to see whatever you want them to see. And it does with out the guilt of trying to force a sale on your buyers.

Your sliders will simply suggest an offer and that buyer is almost conditioned to go and take a look at what your selling. This is brilliant…!”

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