WP Connect 2.5

WP Connect 2.5
Sales Page: http://www.wordpress-connect.com

Value: $24.90

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“WP Connect – POWERFUL Plugin Creates Interactive Tools to ENTICE Web TRAFFIC to get in Touch. Use this LEAD GENERATING Technology to Turn Site Visitors Into CUSTOMERS!

This WordPress plugin creates many ways in which traffic can contact you by providing highly convenient, “floating” buttons on your site… when clicked, splash screens appear unveiling an impressive array of LEAD GENERATING tools like a Call Back feature!

The total convenience and easy interaction these tools provide literally “entice” visitors to reach out to you – which means you’re going to convert a lot more of them into customers!

Not only that but you can sell this to local businesses and charge a fee to add the functionality to their website (The development rights allow you to charge whatever you like).

No hard pitching required, just an easy sell – and you can find the businesses from the comfort of your home or sell to your established list of clients. Its a no brainer…!”

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