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Automatically push tweets to Twitter from WordPress. Now supports multiple accounts, hashtags, scheduling, and more.

What’s WordTwit Pro?

WordTwit ProTM is a WordPress plugin which adds powerful, easy-to-use Twitter features to WordPress. Publish tweets about your new posts to Twitter account(s) automatically.
How Does It Work?

WordTwit Pro adds a new widget in the WordPress admin to provide Twitter publishing features for each post. It also adds its own admin options, accounts and tweet log settings panels.

How Is It Different?

There’s nothing out there for WordPress like WordTwit Pro— once its Twitter publishing tools are added to your WordPress website you’ll instantly think “How did I live without this before?”
What’s “Pro” About It?

WordTwit Pro is an entriely new product with dozens of great new features over the older free version. It also includes great customer support from us along with free upgrades through all 3.x version releases.

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