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Automatically Reads Safe List Emails
Earns You Credits On Auto Pilot
Free Catpcha Breaker
Blocks Those Annoying Pop Ups So You Won’t Get Distracted
Auto Restart On Crash Which Enables You To Run The Application 24/7!
Volume Control To Get Rid Of Annoying Background Sounds
Automatically Reads Your Spam Box To Get Squeeze Out The Maximum Credits
Very Easy User Management That Allows You To Switch From User Account With One Click


Safe list websites are sites that hold hundreds of thousands emails of Internet marketers that opted in for sending each other related advertisements. Now, you are going to opt-in at these websites as well. These safe list websites will send you hundreds of emails a day containing advertisements from other Internet marketers. When you click on the link inside one of these emails you will be redirected to the website and you are earning FREE credits. These credits can in turn be used to send out your own advertisements. Imagine doing this all manually!

This is where ‘The Traffic Juicer’ software comes into place. The software will search for the emails, click the link and watch the advertisements all on auto-pilot. This means you get thousands of FREE credits by simply leaving the software running in the background. All these sites also offer solo ad options and some even dare to ask you $200 for each ad you want to send out, with ‘The Traffic Juicer’ membership you not only save money, but you send out even more emails then any of the people that do pay for solo-ads on a much faster pace. And on way more safe lists! After you’ve earned enough credits by doing practically nothing, you can send out tens of thousands of emails to Internet marketers containing related affiliate offers or your own offer. You can build up a big targeted subscriber list within a week, and send them even more offers repeatedly. Or you can look for related affiliate offers that you would like to send.

If you have tried to make money online with safe lists before without any success that you should know the following. Safe list are still alive and kicking, in matter of fact it’s one of the first harbors for an Internet marketing newbie to stop when they learn about list building and internet marketing. Imagine what you can do if you could send these newbies repeating affiliate offers of your choosing, molding them in a repeating buyer. So to be honest.. There really is no dark secret to using safe lists effectively you just need to be taught how to do it correctly, and as we’ve been using them for over 5 years we are perfectly placed to show you how to get results. By results we mean getting traffic to your squeeze page, generating leads, and putting people through your marketing funnel. If these terms sound strange, don’t worry as everything will be covered inside the members area!

That’s not all just yet! If you order today, you will order it 100% risk free! With our 30 day Money-Back Guarantee you cannot go wrong! This means all the risk is on us!

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