Ninja Pinner 2.2.0

Ninja Pinner 2.2.0
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Product Price: N/A

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The NinjaPinner robot handles all of the grunt work for you and SAVES you time! The proprietary software includes the following features:

Target your market based specific keyword.

Gather friend(s) id’s from comment threads, pin-boards, people or any other search area of Pinterest

Filter Pinterest users by follower / following count as well as by recent login activity

Auto Follow feature that allows you to mass follow other users fast, gaining you thousands of followers back

Auto Unfollow function that allows you to mass unfollow users that don’t follow you

Choose to exclude people you’ve followed ___ days ago so you can give Pinterest users time to respond before unfollowing them

Schedule your follows, unfollows, likes, repins, comments and invites to automatically be sent at a specified time and at specified intervals.

Auto Pin feature that allows you to mass re-pin other images on autopilot getting you exposure

Re-pin URL swap function allowing you to substitute YOUR links when you re-pin content

Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all others users.

Auto Comment rotation which allows you to send comments from a list of different pre-written comments. Queue up as many variations as you like.

Import and export featured comments

The ability to use Spintax in comments and pin captions

Invite others to follow your boards

Auto like feature that allows you to mass like pins, boards, etc.

Create a “Black List” for ID’s you don’t want to send to.

Use unlimited accounts (unlimited licence only)

When commenting, you can skip pins from any user you have already commented on in the last ___ days

When repinning you can change the caption of the pin, keep the current caption, or add to the current caption

Comes with a NinjaPinner News Bulletin to keep you up to date with the latest news.

Free product updates, support and technical assistance for LIFE.

Authority Pro 3.1.7

Authority Pro 3.1.7
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Product Price: $97/year

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oAuthority Pro 2 makes your website look great but also have the SEO value that 95% of websites out there don’t have. If you are creating review sites or even full of blogs, Authority Pro 2 is definitely for you as it completely makes you stand out compared to your market. Authority Pro 2 also allows you to use the sales letter and squeeze page functions for outside marketing as well and helps you with convertations.

PinMe Script 1.9.1

PinMe Script 1.9.1
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Product Price: $299

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Features – PinMe Script

Admin Control Panel

General Website Settings
Manage Categories
Add Categories
Manage Pins
View Reported Pins
Manage Comments
Manage Boards
Manage Invitation Requests
Manage Members
IP Banning
Manage Advertisements
Manage Static Pages
Manage Admins


Create Boards
More Special Characters
Add Pins to Boards
Follow Boards


Pin Photos
Upload Photos
Repin Pins


Popular Pins
Everything – All Pins
Gifts – Pin with a price
Video (if you have a module)

View Pin

Google plus has been integrated into the view pin page to page to let users share pins on Google+
Twitter Tweet button added to the view pin page
Embed code added to the view pin page
Other Pins In The Board
Other pins by member
Other pins from website orginally pinned from
Members who repinned that pin
Members who liked that pin
Comment on pin
Report pin

Static Pages

Terms and Conditions
Privacy policy
Contact us
About us

Member Profile

Member activity
Member boards
Member pins
Member likes
Member followers
Member following

Pintastic 2.3

Pintastic 2.3
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Product Price: $599

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks these days. The platform allows its subscribers from around the world to categorize links and files they consider interesting, and then share them with friends and followers far and wide across the globe – a feature that turns the website in a potent marketing tool. We, the team of, believe that we have created a fantastic product that can be considered a Pinterest clone.

Amazing responsive design

Fluid proportion-based grid compatible with smartphones, tablets and big screen monitors.

Social networks integration

Pintastic includes built-in interfaces to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This way users can join with their existing accounts and share great pins on all three social networks!

Ask for a custom module

Missing a module? Want to add some new functionality? We can develop anything for you – just give us a shout!

What makes our script different?

With so many clonescripts on the market you need to pick the best solution to base your project upon. Find out what we do in a different way – find out why our product is worth the try!

Get to know Pintastic better

Wondering what you can do with this great system? We can provide you with a couple of examples and give you couple of extra ideas.

After 14 months of continuous development we’re proud to introduce Pintastic v2.0 – the ultimate social network solution. It has grown way beyond being the best Pinterest clone script, and now taking a different route. While it still has all the best features of both Pinterest and Pintastic, the new version is also giving you so much more!

SEO Pressor 5.1.0

SEO Pressor 5.1.0
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Product Price: $97

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SEOPressor Required for Guest Bloggers

Let me tell you what I like about this plugin and how simple it is to use. After you enter your keywords, SEOPressor will:

Highlight keywords in your post
Add keywords in your post title
Check for keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags
Check for Alt Image tag and add one if it’s missing
Verify that you have internal links (on page SEO)
Calculate Keyword Density
Remind you to add rel=nofollow on external links (although this blog is DoFollow)

Using keywords effectively is critical to the success of your blog and getting your post ranked well by the search engines. Using SEOPressor, helps you learn SEO by instructing you to add the appropriate amount of keywords, in just the right places. For a busy blogger like myself, who has over 30 guest bloggers contributing to this blog, it’s the perfect solution to help ensure that we all get good SE position for our posts. Here’s a video demonstration of how to configure and use this plugin:

Every one of my guest bloggers gets the chance to see this plugin in action, and learn some vital SEO tips that they can take back to their own blogs. And anyone who has decided to purchase SEOPressor for yourself, please feel free to use my affiliate link (it’s not like I need $1000 or anything like that).

Now is a good time for me to provide a few requirements for guest posting on Basic Blog Tips. If you’re interested you can use my contact page to get in touch with me. In your email give me 2 or 3 links to samples of your writing. This is what else you need:

Gravatars are mandatory (this post shows why you need to have a Gravatar)
Topic must be related to the categories here on the blog (see the list of categories on the sitemap page)
Writing samples must be provided (provide links)
Original, well written content
Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
Respond to comments in an appropriate time and manner

There are many benefits to guest posting on Basic Blog Tips including great exposure and backlinks, not to mention how having access to a premium plugin like SEOPressor adds to your personal portfolio of WordPress skills.
Your thoughts on SEOPressor
Many bloggers are using this plugin and I’d like to hear from you, what do you think about it? Are you finding it easy to use? I hope you got an email from Daniel Tan the developer. He has updated the plugin with some enhancements that will make life even easier for us. Take a look in your dashboard and make sure you’re using SEOPressor Version 4.

CB Goliath 4.4

CB Goliath 4.4
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Product Price: $97

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How CB Goliath Works:

Step 1: Enter your keywords, select Clickbank category, fill in your Clickbank affiliate id, select how many posts you want to be added to your blog per week and click a button.

Step 2: CB Goliath will then: Go to the Clickbank marketplace, find the products that match the criteria you entered, visit each merchant’s site one by one, retrieve the title, meta keywords, meta description and text from the salesletter and then create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products

Step 3: There’s no step 3. Everything is already done!

Easy WP SEO 1.81

Easy WP SEO 1.81
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Product Price: $37

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A new WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization, called Easy WP SEO, is now available, and it BLOWS AWAY every other similar plugin on the market. It’s an awesome plugin that I’m excited to share with you. It makes the task of preparing your content to get the most “Google love” a breeze!


That goes for ClickBump SEO!, WP SEO Beast, Measure My SEO, WP SEO Automation and BloggerHigh as well.

The Easy WP SEO plugin just flat out does a better job helping you optimize your WordPress site’s posts and pages for Google and the other search engines. WAY better!
That’s a Bold Claim!

Maybe, but it’s the truth, as you’ll soon see. But first things first.

My name is Bryan, and, perhaps like you, I make money promoting products online. Yes, this is an affiliate site. And, yes, I will make a commission if you purchase Easy WP SEO through my site. (You’ll get some nice bonuses as well!)

But I’m not singing the praises of this plugin just to make money. I’m doing it because I dig this it (one of my all-time best purchases ever – for real), and I’m PASSIONATE about it.

I know this plugin will genuinely help any WordPress user improve the ranking of their posts and pages.

I also know using any other on-page SEO plugin might actually HURT their rankings!

Pingback Optimizer 4.2

Pingback Optimizer 4.2
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Product Price: $97

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Being your own boss is the ultimate dream, however it also takes a lot of work. Any source that tells you different is not something that you want to trust, and is probably just another scam. That’s why this Pingback Optimizer review is going to look into the points that matter the most with this website and traffic building solution, to tell you whether or not it’s worth the money.

Here’s their official internet page

So what’s the first sign that this is not a scam? They are not going to lie to you and say the process is easy. What you encounter here is not easy at all, and will take a lot of work if you want to build a legitimate webpage, and you want to build up legitimate links for major traffic, as well as top SEO solutions to ensure that you’re totally optimizing your Google keywords. Without all that, no website would succeed for you to make money online, and Pingback Optimizer knows that, making it a lot more legitimate in this review’s eyes.

Click here to read a bit more about the program

So what is it exactly that these types of WordPress plugins are going to provide for you? There are a few things actually, including:

Automate link building so that the system works for you on your schedule
Use your plugin whenever you need it, as it’s avaialble 24/7
Increase the effectiveness of your time spent backlinking
Save the time that you would normally have to spend building links
Increase indexing rates of your backlinks

Could you then call this program a scam? Absolutely not in the eyes of this Pingback Optimizer review. So long as you carry out everything as you will be taught, and as they suggest, you’re bound to see some real traffic results in no time at all.

Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21

Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21
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Product Price: $97

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Introducing the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software (earlier versions were called the RSS Power Plus Pro Software)

Very few online marketers use RSS as well as they could. If they do use RSS, it’s not to dominate the search engines and to generate rapid targeted web traffic. They use it only to monitor news and events and some use it to provide some content on their websites.

Nothing wrong with doing that (we do that as well), but they are missing the most powerful advantage of RSS.

They are completely missing out on the fact that RSS can be used to help dominate the search engines by rapidly building quality backlinks, rapidly building page rank and quickly start driving massive targeted web traffic to your web pages. The increase in targeted web traffic means your online profits should increase.

RSS, stands for really simple syndication and is an extremely powerful tool that you can use for your online business to quickly and easily get the “edge” over most of your web competitors.

We all want the edge over our competitors right?

You’ll find that 99.99% of your competitors don’t use RSS in the smartest way, like the “Web Traffic Genius RSS software” does, to gain the massive web traffic leverage that it offers.

Don’t be fooled by most of the other RSS software programs out there though.

They do not use the same clever technology we have built into this software that ensures it rapidly brings targeted web traffic. Clever technology that we have designed, tested in hundreds of niches and refined for over 15 months.

The Web Traffic Genius Software will

Quickly start generating targeted web traffic with every blog post or new page uploaded to any of your websites.
Rapidly build increased buying customers as a result of the automatic traffic generation.
Allows you to use the amazing power of RSS on ‘multiple’ websites or blogs.
Build increased profits and stability in your business by not needing to rely on PPC advertising!
Save you hundreds of hours of manual building of backlinks.
Help rapidly build page rank!
Includes premium free upgrades to this powerful software.
Will allow you to easy install and set up the Web Traffic Genius software by following our detailed videos.
Uses multiple profiles to minimize footprints.
Works on your blogs and your other websites as well.
Works for both PCs and Macs because software is installed on your server.
We offer a full installation service if required (details available immediately after purchase)

Rank Leap PRO 1.0.20

Rank Leap PRO 1.0.20
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Product Price: $19.95/mo

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Dear Friend,

Let’s face it, the latest Panda update wreaked havoc on the Internet marketing world, sites crashed our of the SERP’s, cash cow websites dried up and people were panicking…

… There was a real fear and people just like you were searching for a solution, for away to quickly restore their rankings and even propel to new heights.

And at this exact moment the Rank Leap development team were locked down in our secret underground laboratory with just one single instruction

Keyword Scout 1.0.23

Keyword Scout 1.0.23
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Product Price: $197

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Quality keywords are just a click away.
Amazon Keyword Scraper, Addons, Competition Analyzer, Auto Updating, and More!

Our mission is simple: To give you more time in your day. We cannot make days longer, but we can shorten the duration of everyday tasks. This tool will end up saving you money in the long run. Professional keyword research freelancers can charge you several hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of work. We have put all the important manual tasks that keyword researches do into 1 tool. Introducing Keyword Scout!

Scrape Keywords
Research Keyword Data
Extra Features

Stealth Keyword Digger 1.3

Stealth Keyword Digger 1.3
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Product Price: $37

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Long Tail Keywords Have 2 HUGE Advantages.

1. They convert better – people typing in long tail keywords into Google are telling you EXACTLY what they need and if you can provide it to them your conversion rates go through the roof.

For example it would be really hard to know the exact intention behind someone typing in the keyword “weight loss” into Google so even if you were to rank for the term (which by the way is very hard) you really don’t know if they are looking for an exercise routine or a diet plan or pills or advice or one of the other hundreds of weight loss related topics.

On the flip side with a keyword like “meal replacement shakes for weight loss” (1,900 exact match searches a month), you know exactly what the person searching for this keyword is looking for, and if you can provide it to them you’ll convert most of your visitors into buyers.

Traffic coming from long tail keywords is also much easier to monetize because people making long-tail searches are often further along in the buying cycle.

2. They are easier to rank for – When you target long tail keyword you usually rank for them WITHIN DAYS and with far less backlinks.

In most cases the sites you see ranking for long tail keywords like “hcg injections for weight loss” (2,400 exact match searches a month) are not targeting that keyword with their on page SEO and anchor text backlinks, so a properly optimized site will easily SHOOT to the top of the search results.

The combination these 2 factors is what makes long tail keywords so AMAZING and PROFITABLE.

Stealth Keyword Analyzer 2.3.8

Stealth Keyword Analyzer 2.3.8
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Product Price: $37

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Discover how to target the BEST keywords in ANY niche and dominate the search engines with top rankings (and you can do it all in MINUTES)!

When you choose the right keywords to target:

Your sites will achieve top search engine rankings faster
You’ll need less backlinks to maintain your high rankings
You’ll get hundreds of targeted visitors that are in buying mode to your site
And so you’ll make more money with less traffic
You will achieve more with less work and in less time
And as a result of this you’ll live a simpler, more abundant life with more
free time to spend with the people you love or doing the things you enjoy.

This amazingly simple software:

Finds keywords that will make you money and are easy to rank for.
Automates the keyword research process so you can focus on other things.
Saves you from the mind-numbing task of gathering information for every single keyword you want to analyze.
Has a simple keyword rating system that pinpoints the best keywords to target.
It prevents you from experiencing the frustration of seeing your work go down the drain because you targeted the wrong keywords.

Curation Fire 2.0

Curation Fire 2.0
Sale Page:

Product Price: $19.97

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Here’s Why This Plugin is a MUST HAVE for your Niche WordPress Sites..

Creates Curated Content for your Sites in just a few clicks.. no need to type anything or even upload anything from your end. As easy as CLICK CLICK .. DONE. Curated content will build SEO friendly content which Google will be HAPPY TO INDEX and RANK for your sites. EARN Passive Income from Adsense or Amazon sites by adding curated content easily.

THIS IS AN UNLIMITED SITE LICENSE.. so you can install this plugin on any number of your personal sites.

Captcha Infinity

Captcha Infinity
Sale Page:

Product Price: $77

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Shrink your CAPTCHA costs today with this Brand New Software!

Why you need CAPTCHA Infinity?

If you own any software like Scrapebox, Article Marketing Robot, Senuke, etc and you don’t like to pay those expensive CAPTCHA cost (like $4/1000 captcha’s) the this is for you. With Captcha Infinity you NEVER need to pay for CAPTCHA solving again. Captcha Infinity will solve CAPTCHA’s for you…!

WP Rapid Indexer

WP Rapid Indexer
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Product Price: $47

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Dear traffic seeker,

Refreshing your stats just to see that you have 0 visits is a real PAIN.

And the worst part is that every day you find yourself repeatedly frustrated because you’re not receiving traffic at all.

And without traffic, there’s nothing you can do.

You see, getting your posts indexed is critical if you want to receive traffic to your blogs and start making money.

But the thing is that getting your posts indexed takes a LOT of time…we’re talking about days or even months!

The bottom line is…

If your blog posts are not indexed you won’t get traffic – the lifeblood of YOUR business.

Like it or not, things are like this:

If you want to make money online and stay ahead of the competition then you need to get indexed and NOTICED by Google or any other search engines.

Unless you want to pay truckloads for poor traffic, you have no choice…

You need to get there FAST.

Way before your competition.

Until now, that was a hard and daunting task as Google is frequently changing its algorithm due to the increasing number of marketers spamming their system.

This often leaves a lot of marketers just like you; confused, frustrated and wondering what they did wrong.

Believe it or not, today the

WP SEO Domination 1.4

WP SEO Domination 1.4
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Product Price: $67

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With WP SEO Domination Installed on your blog you can control what your exact SEO score is before posting a page or post! WP SEO Domination allows you to optimize each page one by one for the search engines by letting you know how well your on-site optimization is. In fact, WP SEO Domination uses the same inspection checklist as the major search engines use when scoring your web site.

WP SEP Domination will ensure that each post or page you add to your website will have a major positive affect on your site to the search engines!


How WP SEO Domination can help:

Automatic Decorate your keywords – Underline, Italic, and Bold your keywords throughout each post. It is proven that decorating your keywords helps your rankings dramatically, especially by Google.
Automatically Adds Alt-Tags to your images – Alt tags are one of many factors search engines score you on. With this feature, it not only fills in your image alt tags, but fills it in with your keywords. This helps score better for the keywords you are aiming for.
Calculates your SEO Score – Your SEO score is based on many factors. All these factors are accounted for when adding new post or pages in your WordPress web site. Your SEO score gets calculated each time your post is saved or updated so you can accurately monitor your SEO score before making your new post or page live.
Guided Each Step of the Way – WP SEO Domination guides you every step of the way. Tells you what you need to change or add in order to achieve a higher SEO score. You will never have to wonder if your post or page on your WordPress site is going to hurt your rankings.
In Depth Checklist – WP SEO Domination provides you with a very in depth checklist of things that you need to do in order to maximize your on page SEO results.
LSI Keyword Generator – It is a PROVEN fact that search engines look for LSI keywords when scoring you on your SEO. LSI may seem like a difficult word to understand in the world of SEO, but think of it as synonym’s of your key phrases. The LSI Generator makes it easier on you while writing more content.
Header H1, H2, and H3 Tags – These are the second most important onpage SEO tactics that you can use to get better SERPs. Search engines still strongly look for header tags, and having your web sites keywords in them can do many good. WP SEO Domination analyzes and detects to see if you have your proper header tags in place.
Title and Meta Tags – Your #1 most important factors of SEO. Even changing your title and meta tags a little bit can bring a lot of good to your search engine rankings. WP SEO Domination scores your title and meta tags to see if they meet standards to rank you good for the keywords you are aiming for.
Link checker – WP SEO Domination will analyze your on page links to see if your current links will affect your rankings in any way. If any changes are needed, WP SEO Domination will assist you in changing your links to help rank you higher.
Boost THOUSANDS of pure quality traffic – By getting your web site ranked today, you will start to notice higher quality of traffic coming your way. Not the crappy non converting traffic either. The traffic of those looking exactly for your web sites on your keywords! I know you would not turn down free quality traffic now, would you?

WikiNuke 2.0.5

WikiNuke 2.0.5
Sale Page:

Product Price: $97

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WikiNuke Standard
WikiNuke Link Grabber
WikiNuke Curator

Powerful automated Wiki links, get all the SEO juice you can handle!
Authority backlinks Google loves
Powerful wiki software and SEO training

Interspire Shopping Cart 6.1.8

Interspire Shopping Cart 6.1.8 (ULTIMATE )
Sale Page:

Product Price: $1,795

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What is Interspire Shopping Cart?

Interspire Shopping Cart is the most feature rich, all-in-one shopping cart software available. It has an enterprise-grade feature set and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses in over 65 countries.

Feature Highlights
Completely browser based
Drag & drop layout editor
Fully SEO optimized by experts
Mobile commerce
Min/max order quantity
Easy-to-use store control panel
Multiple logins with permissions
Refunds & store credits
Tabs on product pages
Sell your products on eBay
Amazingly flexible tax system
Per-product inventory control
90+ designs included
Easily customize your design
Agree to terms to checkout
Shipping zones & options
Sell in multiple currencies
Gift wrapping & messages

Content Revenge 2.06

Content Revenge 2.06
Sale Page:

Product Price: CLOSED

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Panda Safe

Content Revenge has been heavily tested for the last 9 months during Google’s latest Panda update & we’ve found our content has not only withstood Panda, but has actually increased in rank and number of indexed pages per site.
WordPress Plugin

Because Content Revenge was built as a WordPress plugin, you can now quickly publish relevant, instant content on your WordPress blog with a few simple clicks of your mouse.
3 Simple Steps

Simply paste in your keywords
Select a starting post date
Click “Generate” & BAM you’re done!

Scheduled Content

Content Revenge posts are scheduled to look natural to the search engines. All you have to do is select a single start date and it will drip feed your posts at a random daily rate. Need content Faster? Back date your starting point and Content Revenge will do the rest.
SEO Optimized

We went to great lengths to ensure each page created by Content Revenge is highly optimized for SEO. Each page layout is random to minimize footprints along with relevant images with keyword optimized alt tags. All done on the fly!
Document Content

Content Revenge uses a sophisticated API to pull documents from across the web which are only related to your page keyword. These documents are selected using our own algorithm to ensure relevancy and page uniqueness. So, not only are the pages generated on the fly, they also provide your visitors with great value.

Answer Analyst 1.443

Answer Analyst 1.443
Sale Page:

Product Price: $97

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Answer Analyst is a research tool. You would, of course, have to cite your sources if you quote the material directly, otherwise incorporate the facts/research into your own words just as any author or journalist would be required to do.
Answer Analyst will help you…

Create content faster than you dreamed possible!

Research virtually any question in seconds or minutes instead of hours!

Tell you what questions are being asked for virtually any subject!

Research questions in dozens of languages from dozens of countries!

Save your research in projects for use later!

Content Solution 2.0

Content Solution 2.0
Sale Page:

Product Price: $147

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“It’s the fastest way to create thousands of unique articles for any niche or market you want. No other content creator, generator, spinner or rewriter even comes close…!”

Comment Ninja 0.6

Comment Ninja 0.6
Sale Page: N/A

Product Price: N/A

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“We all know Google and all other Search Engines love to see comments on your blog – it gives your site authority and social proof thus giving you higher rankings as a result.

However, if you’re like most marketers, then getting comments and interaction on your blog is a bit of a challenge and most of the time your hammered with nothing but spam.

That’s why I had this plugin created for myself called WP Comment Ninja and I’ve secretly been using it to create massive comments to my blog giving my sites more authority and as a result crushing my competitors. Allowing me to get more Free Traffic from the Search Engines and getting rid of those pain in the a$$ spam comments too…”

SEO Article Generator 2.0.1

SEO Article Generator 2.0.1
Sales Page:

Product Price: $47

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Are you tired of writing articles for your niche related WordPress or Blogger sites?
Abandoned your niche blogs because of lazy to update them?
Spending too much money on hiring writers?
Having difficulties with writers that didn’t response on time?
Using Google translation method and tired of editing the article again and again?

With SEO Article Generator, writing articles has never been so easy!

Generate totally readable articles using special algorithm to scrape, mix and rewrite content intelligently.
High quality and meaningful articles suitable for various micro niches.
75-100% uniqueness using PREMIUM COPYSCAPE CHECK.
Post generated article to own WordPress Site and FREE Blogger from the software!
Generate better results compared to most of the article generation tools in the market!

And much more…

WP Contact Pro

WP Contact Pro
WP Contact Pro Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Sale Page:

Product Price: N/A

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Digi List Builder 1.6

Digi List Builder 1.6
Sale Page:

Product Price: $97

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What Digi List Builder does for you:
1. Builds your list on complete autopilot: you just select how you want to get the subscriptions… then sit back and watch your optin rate go through the roof!
2. Gets your opt-ins up and running in seconds: if there’s one thing I know about marketers, it’s that we don’t want to spend ages messing around with code. Because every second you spend doing that is a second you could be making money! Digi List Builder lets you put the opt-in boxes you need onto your blog with just a few clicks of the mouse.
3. Gives you access to the biggest guns in online marketing: you know that different targets respond better to different tactics. Digi List Builder allows you to turn your blog into a multiple assault platform for optins, building in the systems that will appeal to 99% of your traffic.
4. Use any opt-in you want, anytime, anywhere:want a sidebar opt-in? Easy, it’s all pre-loaded and can be activated in two minutes. Want a lightbox? Simple, it’s yours with a few clicks. Want auto-optin on the comments? Well why wouldn’t you, they’ve been proven to make your subscriptions come in three times as fast! You can have it on your blog in seconds. You’ll have all this firepower and a heck of a lot more.
5. Makes subscribing so easy your visitors won’t be able to avoid it: every time you ask someone to put in any effort, however small, to sign up to your list you’re giving them a chance to stop. This is losing you addresses and losing you money! Digi List Builder makes the sign-up process as smooth as possible by automatically filling in the visitor’s name and e-mail into your opt-in form, so all they have to do is click one button.
6. Puts the power of professional software in your hands: When I knew what I wanted in Digi List Builder, I wanted to get the best possible product. I worked with a professional programming team to produce something top quality. Sure, it was expensive, but the money I’m making from my list now means it was one of the best investments I ever made… but that’s why you lot are far smarter than I am… you waited for me to put in the investment so you can buy it for a ridiculously low one time fee… because you know just what a generous guy I am!

WP Subscribers 1.40

WP Subscribers 1.40
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The LAST WordPress Popup Plugin You Will Ever Need
– Create an unlimited number of subscribe forms
– Working with any opt-in email marketing service
– Compatible with all modern web browsers
– Build a Lightbox Subscription Form with ease
– Have your subscribe form in the footer bar
– Embed Subscribe Form inside your Post content
– Create multiple Exit Popups
– Take full control of display settings
– Add custom opt-in forms anywhere
– Subscribe on user registration
– Subscribe on user commenting
– Automatically fill visitors’ name and email
– Subscription Form on hidden content
– Simple Subscribe Forms Analytics
– Subscription Referral System
– Exit popup with HTML content

WPSubscribers Can Now Integrate With FaceBook
WPSubscribers can add a Facebook Connect button to anywhere in your website that allows visitor to be subscribed to your mailing list in seconds!

WordPress Cloaker

WordPress Cloaker
WordPress Cloaker Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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WordPress Cloaker is a powerful yet very simple to use plugin for WordPress that installs in minutes. Once installed, your control panel will allow you to:

Drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog
Redirect those visitors to landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate web pages or any other pages you choose.
You can even redirect to pages based on the keywords used to find your site via the Search Engines.
PPC Benefits: Automatically create keyword rich, optimized pages. WPC will then redirect PPC clicks to any landing page of your choice. In hours, watch your PPC Costs go way down as your Quality Score goes up!
Used by top PPC Coaches around the Web!

The Skinny on Blog Cloaking with WordPress Cloaker

You can instruct WordPress Cloaker to monitor what keywords people search for to find your site. Your WordPress Cloaker cloaking software will redirect each visitor to a specific page around the web based on your settings. Send people to wherever you feel you will make the most money.

For example, do you sell green widgets through an affiliate offer? Forget about convincing the visitor to click your link. Every time someone searches for “green widgets” WPC will redirect them instantly and invisibly to any page of your choice. This alone can account for increased sales and conversions of 500% or more.
Build 1000′s of Highly SEO’d pages on Auto-Pilot!

You can even completely automate the building of entire blogs with 500 pages or more in mere minutes using popular content generation methods. I will teach you how. In most cases it will take you only 5-10 minutes to do. You will have a 500+ page web site optimized for SEO, targeting any niche you choose. You can get hundreds or even thousands of pages listed in Google.
WordPress Cloaker Features Breakdown…

Simple 5-minute installation
Easy to configure and use
Allows you to redirect site visitors instantly and invisibly to any web page of your choice. You can even redirect visitors based on the keywords they use to find your pages!
Referrer Faking
Target-cloak entire blog categories, independently
IP based redirection — the safest way to cloak
The most extensive Spider IP List available anywhere online, built-in!
Automatic IP update services available, update your IP lists every 4-hours!
Detailed log analysis

Easy Redirect Script 4.0

Easy Redirect Script 4.0
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Best Cloaking Script Ever?

Do you know why should never use free link cloaker or link redirect tools? Do you know the secret of stealth redirects – the hottest new craze among affiliates?

What about SEO redirects and promo splashes? All this set up in 2 seconds! With link tracking stats and more…

Stealth Redirects

Sometimes you want to promote directly to a sales page – and bypass the vendor’s squeeze page. Now you can.

You can also link directly to a vendor’s order form and much, much more.

Stop Commission Theft!

You could be losing up to 50% of your affiliate commissions if you don’t use the Easy Redirect Script.

See how you’re being victimized by other affiliates and how you can put a stop to it!

Promo Redirects…

Every aspiring top affiliate should be using Promo Redirects at least some of the time. Now you can, and it’s easier than ever!

Warning – Free Cloakers…

The are 4 critical reasons you should never use a free url shortener or link cloaking service.

Best of all I show you undeniable video proof of the hazards and pitfalls associated with these… And what you should do instead.

If you use services like, tinyurl, budurl, etc. then you are in for a rude surprise as an affiliate marketer.

100% Guarantee

This script will work for you. If it doesn’t – contact our support desk and we’ll promptly and quietly return even penny of your purchase back to you. No questions asked.

You can evaluate it for a full 30 days – and be fully protected with our no questions asked money back guarantee.