SecureDL 1.4.2

SecureDL 1.4.2
Product: SecureDL 1.4.2 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

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The SecureDL plugin for WordPress protects files both in your Amazon S3 account but files anywhere on the ‘net – on your domain, on another domain, above your root level – anywhere!

The Secure DL WordPress™ plugin is designed to easily create authorized Amazon S3 and unrecognizably complex, encrypted download links within your WP blog installation with the simple use of one token! This deters and blocks access to anyone even trying to access your files without the proper authentication credentials, completely

Simple, easy-to-use, even easier-to-remember tokens take the complexity out of generating links for files hosted by your site or the Amazon S3 server!
Require – as a special option – the user to be logged in to your blog to view one, some or all of your SecureDL generated links. This is extremely powerful as it allows you to not have duplicate links – one for guests and one for those logged in – simply one post/page does it all… no need to hide that link altogether.
Encrypt and hide the actual location of your download file through proprietary encryption – whether it’s on the Amazon S3 server or on your own server in a particular directory.
Enable referrer checks to ensure they’re clicking from your domain in the first place, this is particularly useful for external advanced PHP programming attempts to access your files from a remote server! Think this doesn’t happen?! Think again!
Expire any download links or URL – whether Amazon S3 or any other non-S3 – after a certain number of minutes with the global WordPress plugin setting or an ‘inline’ token setting that parameter for any one particular file.
Compatible with any standard WordPress flash video pluginfor movies and audio – we don’t limit your use to only certain popular players (JW, flowplayer, etc.).
Tested to be compatible using other various WordPress plugins installed, especially other plugins designed to customize the look and feel of your player in WordPress with skins, logos, etc….and they’re completely free to download and use!
Download links are instantly generated for each and every page load which insures that your access links cannot be shared whatsoever!
No need to learn PHP or use special scripting to protect your valuable resources and assets!
Multi-site license for use on any of your personally-owned domains.

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