Proxy Globin

Proxy Globin
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Dear Friend,

I know what its like …

Proxies are pretty much a necessity in today’s online world…

Your IP address can get banned for pretty much anything … and without any warning!

The problem is purchasing private proxies is expensive … and I mean really expensive.

I have had my IP banned because I couldn’t afford private proxies and exposed my IP address …

I can tell you I was pi**ed off…

But more about that later …

As you sit there and read, study and analyze every word of this short letter you will be stunned, amazed and delighted at how easy it really is to have tested proxies … at anytime … when you need them …

You don’t realize it yet, but by the time you have finished this letter you will have a way to find and use proxies as fast as you need them, and use them to make sure your IP address is never in danger of being banned!

Now before we get into the nitty – gritty of this letter, have you ever thought of any of the following?

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