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Pinterest Autoposter – Get Your Pictures Pinned Automatically with Embedded Links for Some Big Traffic.

I know what you are thinking, “Not another flipping Pinterest WSO”?! Well, yes

The amount of stuff I have seen about Pinterest is stupid. I mean is this the greatest site ever? I am not sure. It definitely has a lot of hype surrounding it. I hadn’t even heard of Pinterest til a few weeks back. So, I am not going to claim that I am some dodgy expert. I am not going waste time here and sPIN a story about how much money or traffic you are going to get or blab on about it being the fastest growing site in history or how there are millions of people using it kind of rubbish. We all know it is hot. You just need some good tools to make your life easier.

Here it is…


So, What Does it Do?
– Posts from WordPress to Pinterest. Nice!
– Allows users to pin the pictures on your site to Pinterest. Very Nice!
– Embeds your URL on the picture, so that when it is shared it will point back to wherever you want. Crazy Nice!
So, you can just make a simple post with a picture and it will get posted to your Pinterest account. This will get you exposure and hopefully get your pins noticed.

Now, spammers beware! This will not work for you. We have set in anti spam filters built into the plugin where you cannot post more that 3 pictures a day. That should be plenty for most “real” people.

The next thing is, if you actually have any visitors on your site, they can easily pin your pictures to their own Pinterest account just by hovering over the photo and clicking the cool button that pops up. Also you can have the description auto generated with text and a link. Oh yeah!

Finally, all your pics are tagged with a URL that you choose, so when it is shared it will have your URL and when someone clicks on your image it will take them to wherever that URL points to. Can you see the power in that? Not only will you get free backlinks, but traffic coming from the pics. Very powerful!

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