iDesign 1.3.0

iDesign 1.3.0 Download
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“iDesign – The ultimate in WP web design software! For Layouts That Truly Stand Out!

iDesign – WordPress’s first multi-purpose design building plugin!

iDesign gives you:

– Amazing flexibility while designing
– Super creative layouts as results

Get iDesign if you want to:

– Enjoy the process of discovering and achieving ‘your own’ creative vision
– Start building ‘truly unique’ web designs with their own personality
– Design with an amazingly unique interface with ‘vast new potential’ to explore

What makes iDesign worth it?

– Value: Easily the best investment you’ll make towards enhancing the look and feel of your website while saving time money and effort.
– Reviews: A plugin is only as good as it’s user reviews, and iDesign is a full five star plugin which tells you a lot about its awesomeness.
– Features: iDesign is packed full of features specifically targeted at giving your designs the creative edge, making it an essential design tool..!”

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