GPScraper 1.2

GPScraper 1.2

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Finally Offliner’s Have The “ONLY” Tool That Saves Research Time, Finds Your New Clients Instantly, Analyzes Google’s New Merged Results, Provides An Instant Snapshot Of The SEO/Competitive Landscape, Uncovers Hidden Gold Mine Niches!

Set Google Search Preference
GPScraper lets you customize your search location and the number of results so you get a complete overview of the SEO landscape and competition.
Target Your Exact Keywords or Phrase
Simply enter your keywords and search to learn which Google Places listings are ranking, along with what sites are ranking organically.
Get Accurate Search Results For Google Places Listings
GPScraper gathers the ranking for Google Places listings in Google’s Places with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Accurate Search Results For The Places Listing Web Site
Knowing where a Google Places listing ranks organically is not enough. GPScraper also finds the the listings web site and shows you were it ranks in Google as well.
Instantly Find Potential Clients
Cut research time trying to find new potential clients. GPScraper shows you exactly who needs help with Google Places or a Web Site! No more guess work!
Learn Which Google Places are (UN)Verified
Research is all about information so knowing which listings are verified or not is important to your marketing decisions.
Find ALL the Data In Any Google Place Listing
Now you no longer need to write down how many images, videos, reviews a listing has. GPScraper will find ALL the data for you and present it to you easily.
Create Custom Reports
If your only looking for certain information such as web site URL, Google Places URL, name, phone, email just create a custom report template and save it. Use it to give leads to your sales force!
Drill Down Any Local Market
Using Geo-targeted keyword modifiers will return results that show you exactly who you should be profiting from.
Analysis of Places and Organic Ranking
Its not enough to just have the leads. You need the data that is crucial to get your new clients ranking quickly at the top of Google, turning you into a Star.

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