Gig Prospector

Gig Prospector
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“GIG Prospector – The One Click, Push Button Tool For All Your Fiverr Needs!

This weapon is so easy to use that I literally have to type in a word and click a button – and instantly have cut off 5, 10 or 20 minutes worth of work!

A big mistake I see is everyone trying to do everything themselves in their business. Everything from the mundane link building, blog commenting to graphic design, video creation and article writing.

Are you doing this? Are you trying to do everything yourself in your business? If so, you are making a huge mistake!

Gig Prospector solves all the problems:

– One click search and blazing fast results!
– Easy sort features gives you the highest, fastest, best gigs on Fiverr according to your search terms
– Everyone can use Gig Prospector – Affiliate Marketers, Product Creators, CPA, Offline marketers, or any other online business!
– All the relevant information at your finger tips – saves hours of work over time
– Eliminate stress and save hours and hours of time by outsourcing the hard stuff to the pro’s… for only five bucks!
– Cut down on the risk of getting screwed by only seeing the best gigs
– Never leave your desktop! Grab all the gig info without ever opening a browser window!
– Works On PC and Mac – Utilizing Adobe Air…!”

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