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Increase CPA Conversions 1000 Percent!

iFraming is an easy way to skyrocket your CPA earnings. Use GhostCPA to create your own landing pages around existing CPA offers.
Everything You Need To iFrame & Capture Emails

Automatic iFrame Rotation (useful for spreading traffic across different networks)
Show pop-up message on form submission
Redirect to new URL on form submission (maybe even redirect to a second CPA offer to double your earnings)
Fake the referrer on any CPA offer to hide traffic sources
Blank the referrer on any CPA offer to hide traffic sources
Let the referrer show through
Manage iFrames by compare
Access to private GhostCPA owners forum where top Super Affiliates share tips, tricks, and methods you won’t find anywhere else
Capture visitor email addresses
Store CPA Network inofmration
Save CPA offer payout information
Automatic code generation (No coding knowledge needed)
Generate iframe code by campaign
Effortless iFraming
Easy iFrame Rotation (to rotate between offers)
Dedicated Ticket Support System

Stop wasting time trying to make money the hard way, start using GhostCPA to!

GhostCPA offers everything you need to iframe CPA offers, whether you are a complete newbie, or a super affiliate. GhostCPA allows you to do whatever you want with the referrer, effectively hiding your traffic sources from nosey affiliate networks.

A new feature added to GhostCPA is the ability to capture email addresses of your users at the same time you get the commission from them filling out your offer. They say an email address is worth around $30 per year, so even if you collected a measly 5,000 email address, you would net an extra $150,000 PER YEAR not counting your affiliate commissions!

GhostCPA also allows for iFrame rotation, a tool that allows you to split test different offers from different network. Everyone knows not all offers convert at the same rate, let GhostCPA help you find out which one will make the most money!

GhostCPA also will let you redirect a user to the URL of your choice when they submit your offer. You can forward them to any website of your choosing, or even a second CPA offer doubling your earnings!

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