FB Like Viral 1.2.1

FB Like Viral
Product: FB Like Viral 1.2.1 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Viral FB and +1 WordPress Plugin: Flood your Blog with an Avalanche of Viral Traffic From Facebook, Twitter and Google

The most advanced Viral Plugin Featuring
– Facebook Like,
– Facebook Share,
– Facebook Send,
– Twitter and
– Google +1

The idea that search engines and social media sites can drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site is nothing new. A tested way of tapping into those traffic sources is to use share and like buttons above and/or below your posts. There are several plugins around that let you ad a Facebook button or a Twitter button or a Google +1 button.

But if you just add one or more of these buttons to your posts and hope that the visitor is so kind as to click them you might be hoping in vain: Most visitors are too will not do it. They need some kind of gentle reminder and then they will share the love.

To remedy this plugins were developed that try to remind the visitors to please share the stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Google +1. These plugins display those buttons in some kind of pop-up, banner or modal window after a certain time of when the visitors scrolls down towards the bottom of the page.

If you wanted to have all the functionality you would need several plugins. This might create performance problems. The more plugins that you have installed that basically handle similar functions the slower your pages load. Slow load times are counterproductive as Google measures the load times and kicks you down to the bottom of the search results which will render all your efforts to increase traffic nil and void.

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