Digital Access Pass 4.6.2

Digital Access Pass 4.6.2
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What is DAP?

DigitalAccessPass (DAP) is a premium Membership Plugin for WordPress (and plain HTML/PHP web sites) used by 23,000+ users on 38,000+ web sites.

It’s a complete end-to-end, Content-Delivery Platform for creating a membership site – or even just a simple, password-protected, secure and private area on your web site – and securely delivering different types of content to your visitors, list subscribers, free and paid members and one-time buyers.

Provide both free and paid access to many different types of Content – like WordPress Pages, Posts & Categories, Videos, Audio files, PDF Reports, MS Office Docs, Zip files, HTML pages, and even Images! Protect and Drip just about any kind of file with any type of extension.

Sell Unlimited Products (both FREE and PAID)

Create Unlimited Membership Levels (both FREE and PAID)

Sign-up Unlimited Members (both FREE and PAID).

Set up Unlimited Content Dripping (both FREE and PAID content).

Sell Recurring-Subscriptions as well as One-TimeProducts.

Offer Limited-duration Free and Paid Trials.
Sell access to even Live Events and Coaching Programs!

More Built-In Features (For Free) Than Any Other Plugin:

Accept Online Payments via a whole range of carts and payment processors, like…,ClickBank, e-Junkie, Paypal Standard (Business & Premier), Paypal Website Payments Pro,1ShoppingCart and all private labels, 2CheckOut, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, WP eStore,Plimus, Warrior WSO Pro, Google Checkout, JVZoo, DigiResults and more.

Accept Offline Payments via check or through any non-supported payment systems (like say Western Union, or Bank Transfers, for eg.)

Built-in FREE DAP Shopping Cart for, Paypal Standard and Paypal Website Payments Pro so your members can check out and pay right on your web site. Free cart also has support for Coupon Codes and Dime Sales.

Do 1-Click Upsells and Downsells, and One-Time Offers (OTO’s) like the Pro’s.

Built-in Affiliate Program that lets you Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale with support for Paypal Mass Pay. Lets you offer – optionally – multi-tier commissions (2-tier or more) to your affiliates.

Built-in Email Autoresponders (Unlimited)

Built-in Email Broadcasts (Unlimited)

Synchronized Dripping: DAP is the only membership plugin that has this feature. Thanks to the integrated content dripping and email dripping features, you can set up reminder emails to go out to members informing them about new available content on your site, at the same time you’ve set up the content to drip. So if you’re making a page with a video available on Day #14, you can also set up an email to go out on Day #14 with a direct link to that page with the video, and when they get there, if they were previously logged in, they can go right to the page. And if not, they will be asked to log in, and upon logging in, be automatically be redirected back to that page with the video.

International Friendly: Use DAP with sites in non-English languages like Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese and even Chinese! The DAP email autoresponder and broadcast system is one of the few available anywhere, that lets you send emails in non-English languages. Even some of the big email services don’t have this!

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