Digi Link Doctor 1.3.1

Digi Link Doctor 1.3.1
Sale Page: http://www.digilinkdoctor.com/

Product Price: $297

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Digi Link Doctor lets you…

Improve your search ranking: keep all your links working to make sure you get on the page you deserve
Tap into a brand new well of backlinks: this is a potentially huge resource just waiting to be exploited… let Digi Link Doctor apply the patch and the flood gates will open
Instantly patch broken links: Digi Link Doctor is constantly scanning for broken links. As soon as one is found, it patches with a ready-made web-page so you keep all your link juice
Get traffic that’s primed to buy sent straight to your pitch: simply set the patch page to redirect to your main site and you’ll have an audience that’s already got one hand in its wallet
Keep your reputation intact: easy customization of the patch page gives you complete control of the customer experience…

Never be caught out by broken links again: Every week you’ll get an e-mail showing you what Digi Link Doctor has patched… keeping you constantly informed and up to date
Get all the traffic that is rightfully yours: everyone trying to reach your site through a broken link is traffic you have earned through your good content… but your hard work isn’t getting the rewards it deserves. Digi Link Doctor guarantees that every bit of the traffic you’ve worked for reaches your site
Have the power of professional software at your command: I might be a bit of a techie, but this is complicated stuff… that’s why I hired a top-class programmer to write a top-class plugin.

All you need to do is upload the plugin and set it to work… just a ten-minute time investment for constant action.
IMPORTANT: This is not just an offline problem!

You might think this isn’t your problem…
I thought it wasn’t my problem…

There is about an 80% chance that you are losing traffic right now because of broken links. I’ll explain how I know that in a minute, but first, let me explain why you really don’t want this to happen:

You’re constantly losing link juice: you could have a link from a high-PR site attached to a top-level keyword… and it’s all for nothing. You could be two pages lower on Google than you should be, just because of a typo!
High-quality traffic is bouncing away: this is a willing audience who has made the decision to view your page, and WILL read your pitch… but all they’re seeing is a 404
Your reputation is damaged: if the first impression of your brand is a bad one, that traffic won’t come back
Your traffic is being sniped by competitors: right now, there are link builders hunting for broken links and offering a link to their site instead of yours.

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