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Digi Article Blaster
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Get over 150 push-button backlinks for every article…
…spin 1000s of articles on 100% autopilot…
…and make $397 offline for just a few minutes’ work
Here’s a few more reasons why the article blasters are going to blow manual marketers out of the water…
Manual Article Marketing

Days of work for a trickle of link juice Doing all this work manually is going to take a lot of time… at best you’re only going to get a few backlinks for every post, and that’s if you’ve only got one blog to promote.

Hours spent hunting and signing up to new directories You spend ages signing up to every article directory you can find… and you need to log in whenever you submit. Doing it once – not a problem. Doing it fifty times… no thanks.

Even more hours spent posting your articles… Once you’ve found all your directories, you then need to go through every one… signing in, posting, confirming… over and over and over again

Article obscurity The internet’s a big place, and with only a few backlinks it’s going to take an age for your article to be found by the searchbots

Manual captcha checking Those fuzzy codes you can barely read? I don’t know about you, but I find the first one annoying… by the time you’ve done twenty you start to lose the will to live

Time-consuming While in theory you could keep adding backlinks forever, in reality there’s only so many hours in the day.

No offline opportunities You’ve barely got enough time to do this for yourself, so it’s not like you can offer to do it for anyone else, even when there’s lots of demand.
Automatic Article Blasting

Enough backlinks to flood your site with link juice at the push of a button Digi Article Blaster comes with a built in database of over 150 directories, and you’ll get a backlink from each of them. No half measures!

You sign up to over 150 directories in minutes All your accounts are generated automatically – all you have to do is pick a username and password. If your username is already taken, Digi Article Blaster automatically adds a set of random digits to give you a completely unique ID

100% Automatic posting Submission works on complete autopilot… one click of the ‘Blast’ button and your work is done… while Digi Article Blaster signs in, submits and builds your backlink empire

Crack captchas on autopilot Digi Article Blaster is completely integrated with DeCaptcher and BypassCaptcha… all you need to do is enter your account details and watch as the plugin does all the work

Push-button automation There’s still only so many hours… but now you get to spend them doing something fun! Crack open a beer and relax while the job is done for you

Huge amounts of money to be made offline There’s thousands of offline businesses with blogs these days, and this is the kind of service they’ll eat up like sugar-candy… but more on that in a minute!

Lightning-fast indexing With this many backlinks, you can’t fail to be noticed… and you’ll get a page 1 ranking to boot

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