CPV Lab 2.18

CPV Lab 2.18
Sales Page: http://www.cpvlab.com

Value: $297

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“CPV Lab – The Ultimate Testing, Tracking & Optimization Platform for Professionals!

– Self-Hosted: CPV Lab is a web based, self-hosted platform you run on your own Server…keeping your data private and only accessible by you!

– Easy to Use: You don’t need to be a Coder or PHP Developer to take full advantage of the abilities CPV Lab offers. Straight forward and simple.

– Simple Rotation: You can change and edit your landing pages and offers being rotated through a simple interface. No complex coding to deal with.

– Save Time & Budgets: Customizable Optimization Filters and Alerts to quickly identify under-performing targets, landing pages and offers.

– Accurate Stats & Metrics: All in one place…you have usable data to make the right decisions at the right time to increase your ROI. Along with Time & Day Trends!

– Unlimited Flexibility: CPV Lab completely removes the restrictions most tracking platforms have, giving you the ability to run 6 different types of campaigns…!”

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