Pingback Optimizer 4.2

Pingback Optimizer 4.2
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Product Price: $97

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Being your own boss is the ultimate dream, however it also takes a lot of work. Any source that tells you different is not something that you want to trust, and is probably just another scam. That’s why this Pingback Optimizer review is going to look into the points that matter the most with this website and traffic building solution, to tell you whether or not it’s worth the money.

Here’s their official internet page

So what’s the first sign that this is not a scam? They are not going to lie to you and say the process is easy. What you encounter here is not easy at all, and will take a lot of work if you want to build a legitimate webpage, and you want to build up legitimate links for major traffic, as well as top SEO solutions to ensure that you’re totally optimizing your Google keywords. Without all that, no website would succeed for you to make money online, and Pingback Optimizer knows that, making it a lot more legitimate in this review’s eyes.

Click here to read a bit more about the program

So what is it exactly that these types of WordPress plugins are going to provide for you? There are a few things actually, including:

Automate link building so that the system works for you on your schedule
Use your plugin whenever you need it, as it’s avaialble 24/7
Increase the effectiveness of your time spent backlinking
Save the time that you would normally have to spend building links
Increase indexing rates of your backlinks

Could you then call this program a scam? Absolutely not in the eyes of this Pingback Optimizer review. So long as you carry out everything as you will be taught, and as they suggest, you’re bound to see some real traffic results in no time at all.

Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21

Web Traffic Genius Pro 3.6.21
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Product Price: $97

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Introducing the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software (earlier versions were called the RSS Power Plus Pro Software)

Very few online marketers use RSS as well as they could. If they do use RSS, it’s not to dominate the search engines and to generate rapid targeted web traffic. They use it only to monitor news and events and some use it to provide some content on their websites.

Nothing wrong with doing that (we do that as well), but they are missing the most powerful advantage of RSS.

They are completely missing out on the fact that RSS can be used to help dominate the search engines by rapidly building quality backlinks, rapidly building page rank and quickly start driving massive targeted web traffic to your web pages. The increase in targeted web traffic means your online profits should increase.

RSS, stands for really simple syndication and is an extremely powerful tool that you can use for your online business to quickly and easily get the “edge” over most of your web competitors.

We all want the edge over our competitors right?

You’ll find that 99.99% of your competitors don’t use RSS in the smartest way, like the “Web Traffic Genius RSS software” does, to gain the massive web traffic leverage that it offers.

Don’t be fooled by most of the other RSS software programs out there though.

They do not use the same clever technology we have built into this software that ensures it rapidly brings targeted web traffic. Clever technology that we have designed, tested in hundreds of niches and refined for over 15 months.

The Web Traffic Genius Software will

Quickly start generating targeted web traffic with every blog post or new page uploaded to any of your websites.
Rapidly build increased buying customers as a result of the automatic traffic generation.
Allows you to use the amazing power of RSS on ‘multiple’ websites or blogs.
Build increased profits and stability in your business by not needing to rely on PPC advertising!
Save you hundreds of hours of manual building of backlinks.
Help rapidly build page rank!
Includes premium free upgrades to this powerful software.
Will allow you to easy install and set up the Web Traffic Genius software by following our detailed videos.
Uses multiple profiles to minimize footprints.
Works on your blogs and your other websites as well.
Works for both PCs and Macs because software is installed on your server.
We offer a full installation service if required (details available immediately after purchase)

Link Farm Evolution 1.9.25

Link Farm Evolution 1.9.25

Price: $297

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If you don’t evolve your SEO, you risk extinction for your sites.
Don’t be a dinosaur Get Link Farm Evolution and make your competitors extinct instead.
What is Link Farm Evolution?

LFE is the tool that allows you to harness the power of social media platforms such as WordPress MU (or WP 3.0 multisite) and Pligg to build a vast link farm. Open-source and wide-spread, those platforms allow you to get quality links on thousands of unique domains in unlimited quantities. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay a thing or do any manual labor to do that. You can have an endlessly diverse link farm providing links to all of your sites — WhiteHat or BlackHat alike.
If you ever tried to set up a lot of WordPress blogs or register accounts on bookmarking services, then you know how tedious that is. Especially when there is a captcha in the way. And around 31.71% of all WPMU and 88.36% of all Pligg hosts have CAPTCHAs.

New WPMU blogs are being created without a hitch — it’s as easy as entering a list of your future blog titles.
To put some links on Pligg hosts, you don’t even have to create new user accounts yourself, LFE takes care of it in the background as needed.
LFE will automatically go through all registration steps and fill out the forms for you.
It will also generate human-readable e-mail addresses and automatically “click” e-mail verification links for every blog or Pligg account you create with LFE.
After new blogs have been set up, the script will automatically enable remote access to them (XMLRPC), pick a custom template, delete the “Hello world!” post and empty the blogroll (so all the “link juice” will be yours 🙂 .

Don’t Be a Captcha-Entering Drone.

With LFE you receive access to our captcha-breaking service with 90-95% accuracy.
Our captcha-breaking service does not care whether it’s reCaptcha or just plain numbers — as long as it’s a JPEG image with letters and digits in it, it will be cracked.
This means your account creation will be fully automated.
You won’t even see a single captcha anymore — they are all found and filled out for you.
You get more than 3000 prepaid captchas with LFE. Anything over that will cost you just $0.0015 per captcha. To put this into perspective — you’ll get 1000 WPMU blogs just for $1.5.
With LFE you can also easily bypass both WPMU‘s and Pligg’s security questions.

Post to Blogs, Submit News Stories and Comment En Masse.
With LFE you get a visual and HTML post editor, closely resembling the one from WordPress dashboard, but with a few notable improvements for mass posting.

Content spinning. With industry-wide standard format for article spinning (e.g. “{one phrase|other {subphrase|another subphrase}phrase}“), so you don’t have to look too far to find writers for your custom articles.
Extensible content generation engine with a [YACG]-like hook system.
With one click you can add content from associated content, flickr or a relevant blog.
Preview generated content right in the posting screen.
Post tagging and categorization support — tags can be automatically generated based on your post content, or spinned randomly from a predefined list.
Automatic pinging after each post.

Easily Manage Your Link Farm.
LFE presents you with a clean, streamlined interface, optimized for managing large site networks. If you’ve ever seen other linkbuilding solutions, you will appreciate LFE‘s simplicity.

Easy blogroll management.
Fast search across you entire blog and host databases.
You can login into any of your WPMU blogs with one click. No need to memorize or copy/paste logins and passwords.
You can even add and manage your existing WordPress blogs (WPMU or not) with LFE.
You’re in control — you can easily export your data in .CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel and many others) at any time.
Automatic daily backups will keep your data safe.
Full proxy support (socks and password-protected proxies too).

What does Link Farm Evolution do?

It basically gives you the ability to create thousands of blogs and various other sites and profiles, and post content to them. The reason it’s called Link Farm Evolution is being their product evolves with new sources to create sites on, plus new places to create profiles on. If you’re a white-hatter SEO like me then you cannot help but be repelled by an SEO link building product with the words “Link farm” in there, cuz link farms are bad, right?

Well, yes and no…

Link farms are bad for direct linking to your main, quality nice sites and these links should be used for other things (not gonna get into that here, as you’ll see why later..)

What kind of quality sites does Link Farm Evolution make?

Low quality sites whose main purpose is to host-and-post your articles and send links outward to other places. since these are all brand new sites residing on WPMU-enabled domains, or even blogger blogs, you need to promote these somehow, and link to them if you want to boost their link juice capabilities.

So in essence, you’re creating a ton of work for yourself here
In the long run it could and probably will bear fruit for you…

IF you build up the trust of the sites in your LFE network,
IF you have enough unique content pouring out of your ears to syndicate to your LFE network
IF you have the patience to wait a long time to see results
IF you have the capability to send hundreds or even thousands of links to your entire network to get them indexed and buildup their “SEO weight”

WPsBox Pro 3.1.0

WPsBox Pro 3.1.0

Price: $197

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“100% automated solution that will dominate the Internet, save you time, and boost your money site’s visibility”

“Sit back and relax as you watch this nifty tool in action and bank in huge profits…Simply adjust the settings, click the mouse a few times and BOOM…watch the backlinks coming in with WPSBOXPRO as you sit back and relax…period!
Generate 100,000+ Backlinks, RIGHT From Your Desktop “100% automated solution that will dominate the Internet, save you time, and boost your money site’s visibility” Dominate the web,scare your competitors, own google with your own 24*7 Backlinks Building Machine.
FEATURE 2: Proxy Support
FEATURE 7: Post on WordPress, Blog Engine Blogs and Movable Types Blogs!
FEATURE 8: Decaptcher Support
FEATURE 9: Muti-Threaded Application

Sick Submitter 4.032

Sick Submitter 4.032

Value: $189.99/y

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Sick Submitter

You put a lot of work into building your online reputation, yet it’s vulnerable to competitors who seek ways to outrank you and steal your usernames and keywords. The best way to protect your online brand is through backlink building.

Free Trial Order Now! Automate Your Own Packets!

Why take the time doing someone elses packets by hand hour after hour, when you can create and automate your own in a fraction of the time?

Rank Leap PRO 1.0.20

Rank Leap PRO 1.0.20
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Product Price: $19.95/mo

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Dear Friend,

Let’s face it, the latest Panda update wreaked havoc on the Internet marketing world, sites crashed our of the SERP’s, cash cow websites dried up and people were panicking…

… There was a real fear and people just like you were searching for a solution, for away to quickly restore their rankings and even propel to new heights.

And at this exact moment the Rank Leap development team were locked down in our secret underground laboratory with just one single instruction



Value: $14.95

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“SILO Bot is linking structure plugin.
*Links and everything is totaly customizeable!

It links posts together by categories & Tags, silobot also links all your content in a Google frienldy organized fashion, It will order all the post anchor texts by the importance to the user.

WP Silo Bot will never Link to its self unlike most similar plugins around stopping Google classing it as duplicate content, Silobot also Makes it super easy for users to find relevant content!

You can also sneak in your affiliate links to generate some extra money.

With SiloBot you can also decrease your bounce rate, increasing time spent on your site…!”

Official Sales Page:


Official Sales Page:

Value: $97/Month

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“SEDemon – Niche Discovery Software Delivers Millions Of Untapped “Easy Money” Niches On Autopilot!
Be The First To See The Power Of “Google Proof” Advanced Automated SEO Software First-Hand.
Find Millions Of Zero-Competition Highly Profitable “Easy Money” Niches Using The Power Of “Niche Discovery”!
Brand New Markets, Keyword Ideas For PPC and SEO And Competitive Intelligence Data At A Glance.
And Much More…!”

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 2.01

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 2.01

Value: $$

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Rank Builder NEO 1.0.25

Rank Builder NEO 1.0.25
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Value: $$77/month

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“Discover how RankBuilder NEO rockets your keyword to the 1st page of Google…!
Floods your site with FREE TARGETED traffic and just about makes your accounts burst with new sales, leads and commissions… AUTOMATICALLY!”

Power Submitter

Value: $99.95

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“With the new Power Submitter package you now have the completely automated advertising solution that can give you the unfair advantage over your competition and allows you use all of these 1000s and 1000s of websites to increase your sales, profits, traffic and leads generation automatically and repeatedly, save yourself hundreds of hours of manual work and save lots of money in advertising costs – money that now goes back into your pocket – and much more… AND that you can do all this with the just a click of a few buttons quickly and easily…!”

Ninja Platinum Directory Submitter 2.0

Ninja Platinum Directory Submitter 2.0

Value: $$

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“Just imagine what you can do with this amazing Ninja Platinum Directory Submitter v.2.0 software package!

We can promise you that with this entire collection of Ninja Software, you can make any internet program explode. You will have all the marketing tools you could ever wish for…!”

Link Finder PRO 2.0

Link Finder PRO 2.0
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Value: $47

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“LinkFinderPro – The fastest, easiest, laziest way to track high PR6-7 AUTHORITY backlinks… and jack up your site rankings for maximum profit in minimum time! So you can begin profiting bigger, faster, and even more lazily than ever before…!”

Link Automatic WP Plugin

Official Sales Page:


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“Ultimate Automatic Authority Backlinks for Massive Traffic…!”

Digi Traffic Accelerator

Official Sales Page:

Value: $39.95

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“Now YOU Can Get ALL The Free Traffic You Need: Organic Search, Direct Clicks, and Even VIRAL Visitors All It Takes Is This Simple, Super-Effective Software (And Just a Few Minutes A Day)…!”

Backlinker 3.4

Value: $$

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“Now YOU Too Can Dominate The Search Engines, Increase Sales And Destroy The Competition, In A Couple Of Clicks…!”

SEO Smart Links Pro

SEO Smart Links Pro
SEO Smart Links Pro Version- Premium WordPress SEO Plugin

Value: $149

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SEO Smart Links Premium is a WordPress plugin that improves the overall SEO strength of your blog by automatic interlinking your content as well as automatically convert keywords you define into (affiliate) links. It can do much more and if you’d like to skip to the full list of features click here.

SEO Smart Links Premium — Current version v1.6.1, March 27th 2011

SEO Smart Links is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress, used by casual bloggers, Internet marketers and professional SEO agencies. In a recent video Matt Cutts from Google announced that smart internal linking is one of the key strategies for SEO in 2011.

SEO Smart Links has been downloaded more than 300,000 times to date and you can read thousands of online reviews and recommendations (including dozens of video reviews). In a recent comparison SEO Smart Links Premium has been selected as the best keyword affiliate link plugin.

Autopligg 6.0.18

Autopligg 6.0.18
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Product Price: $49

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What is Autopligg and why do i need it?

To rank in the search engines you need lots and lots of links from other sites pointing at your web site.

Content alone wil not rank you on first page of google , yahoo or bing because the search engines look to see how many external sites link to your web site and the link text of these sites to decide where to position you.

For some longer search strings you sometimes just need a few links but for the more competetive terms you need to get lots and lots of links but these can seem impossible to gain from the normal channels.

If you have ever built a web site about casino or pharm you will know that its near on impossible to gain links without spending thousands of months.

This is the reason the big online casino seo`s come to us when they need links because with autopligg getting them links and sending them traffic they can slash their spending by thousands a month but keep their positions.

1. Pligg is a web 2.0 social voting web site that anyone can setup.

2. Pligg site owners solicit users to post links and story’s.

3. Just by doing a quick search i found 6,730,000 pligg sites.

4. You will need lots of different web sites linking to your web site.

5. You can use Autopligg to submit to thousands of pligg sites daily.

6. Your web site will be listed on many different Pligg sites.

7. The search engines will see lots of web site referencing yours.

8. Your web site will rise in position in the search engines because you look popular.

Those whom are Serious About SEO and SEM use Autopligg!

We will provide full support for newbies that are learning but you need to understand this is a powerful tool and could be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

If you are in some of the more competitive industry’s you will know that its almost impossible to build one way links to something like an Online Casino site or even just a normal Pharmacy site.

RankBuilder 2.9.93

RankBuilder 2.9.93
RankBuilder 2.9.93 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Product Price: $67/month

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Link Builder Pro or Rank Builder Review – Various Great Features

This section of Link Builder Pro Review i.e, rank builder review is to elaborate all the features that this so called best SEO automation suite contains. What does this link builder tool deliver so that it can be called all in one automation SEO tool? Let us see –

Creates Linkwheel Automatically – It creates account, confirms email verification and submits spun articles to various web2.0 properties automatically. At present, it supports 15 web 2.0 properties (and is growing). Latest update is that it contains 49 web 2.0 properties.

Submits RSS feeds Automatically – It creates RSS feed from your Linkwheels and submits them to best 10 RSS feed directories automatically. This provides linkjuice to the linkwheels and help them to get indexed fast with good ranking.

Social Bookmarks Automatically – It is integrates with and bookmarks all of your sites to top 30+ social bookmarking sites for getting quick laser targeted traffic.

Builds Forum Profile Links Automatically – It registers accounts, clicks verification links in emails and submits your links (of your preferred sites or pages) to hundreds of high page ranked forums (included in the software). The best thing related to this feature of link builder pro i.e, rank builder is that it allows you to add your own high PR forum sites.

Breaks Captcha Automatically – It is fully workable with two Captcha breaking services – Decaptcher and Death By Captcha. You can also enter Captcha manually if don’t have enough fund for the services.

Supports Proxy – It supports proxies whether it is http or private ones with username and password. Even the newest version supports rotating proxies for profile link building. This feature of link builder now recently became rank builder allows you to create lots of profile links under various accounts in same a high PR forum without getting your real IP banned. Additionally, this keeps link building process natural in the eyes of various search engines.

Supports Article Spinning – It supports spinning of articles like this – {text1|text2|text3}. The newest version supports nested spinning of articles for linkwheel building. The tool posts unique versions of an article every time to sites of your linkwheel.

Boosts Link Automatically – It integrates with and submits RSS feeds created from your list of sites to 40+ social networking sites, thus boosting link juice. This is one of the another great feature of link builder pro i.e, rank builder.

New update – Rank builder now provides Rank Builder Article Submitter that submits to high traffic and most popular article directories.

Backlink Booster Crack

Backlink Booster Crack
Product: Backlink Booster Licence Key, Full Working Version

Price: $39/mo

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Backlink Booster™ automatically helps your website rise to the top of search engines!

Boosting your backlinks generates the following results:

More of your backlinks are indexed by search engines, and they are indexed faster.
Each of your backlinks flows more link juice to your website.
Combined, these benefits help your website rise to the top of search results for your prized keywords.

How do you Boost your Backlinks?

Backlink Booster allows you three different options for boosting your backlinks. You can either manually boost a backlink by going directly to the website that contains the backlink and clicking a Firefox “add on” button that will automatically boostthe backlink – pretty cool. Secondly, if you have a spreadsheet containing all of your backlinks you can simply upload them all into backlink booster and allow the system to boost them all for you. Finally, you can export all the boosted backlinks into a text file which you can import into any other boosting system.

The dashboard itself is simplicity in itself. I found nothing complicated about using the system which is a breath of fresh air given the number of complicated and cumbersome systems out there.

Backlink Energizer 1.6

Backlink Energizer 1.6
Product: Backlink Energizer v1.6 Licence Key, Full Working Version Serial

Price: $47

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Backlink Energizer is the latest and greatest backlink indexing plugin and works like a charm. It’s really amazing to see a plugin actually do the job. It’s indexing hundreds and hundreds of backlinks I’ve built over the last couple months and I’m speachless. I mean, it’s hard for me not to sound hypey but that’s the fact guys.

With Backlink Energizer you:

don’t have to mess with your server
don’t have to download a developer’s API (what is that anyway?!)
don’t need to mess with the script, settings, etc…

You simply upload the plugin, activate it, enter some details and that’s it.

Okay, there IS one more thing to do (and even that is optional)… You need to register a free account on 7 (at the moment, they’re adding more) web 2.0 properties and then enter the usernames and passwords into the plugin’s settings and click SAVE button.

To Energize your links, you simply follow these simple steps…

1. Upload the plug-in (About 2 minutes).

2. Import your web 2.0 accounts (About 10-15 minutes).

3. Import a list of links you want to energize (about 2 minutes).

4. Let the plug-in do the work automatically while you reap the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic!

It really is that simple!

It works because it syndicates your links to other websites and web 2.0 properties and makes sure they’re noticed by the search engines…

While thousands of links drop off of Google on a daily basis, you can be sure your links will stay indexed and powerful for years to come…

Blog Bot 1.0

Blog Bot 1.0
Product: Blogbot 1.0

Price: $29.95

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Search Engines, Especially Google, Absolutely Love Blogs!

The problem is, in order to manage 100′s of Blogs, you either need a large staff to get everything posted or a way to automate the process as much as possible. At Incansoft, we prefer automation – it not only saves you money better spent on other things, it allows you to stay in control.

And that’s exactly why we developed BlogBot – to take back control and increase productivity across the board. No more outsourcing to unreliable freelancers and no more frustration following up, getting errors corrected and the ensuing migraine of trying to keep a handle on it all!

With BlogBot installed on your Windows Desktop, you call the shots – from automatically creating accounts on WordPress Blog Networks, to submitting your Blog Posts to those accounts. You do it on your terms, when you want too and eliminate all the headaches with the click of a couple of buttons.

BlogBot Features

Easily Add Your Own WordPress Blogs
Semi-Automatically Creates Blogs on WordPress Blog Networks (HOT)
Supports Multiple Submission Profiles
Supports Multiple Company Profiles
Supports Content Spun Using Jet Spinner Syntax (HOT)
Automatically Submits to Multiple Word Press Blog Networks (HOT)
Semi-Automatically Creates New Accounts (HOT)
Supports Blog Titles And Blog Post Rotation
Supports Blog Categories
Supports Unlimited Proxy Servers (HOT)
Supports CAPTCHA Submission using (HOT)
Includes Comprehensive Reporting Tools (HOT)
Supports Total Email Management Including Confirmation (HOT)
Multi-Threaded For High Speed Submissions (HOT)
Regularly Updated With New Services (HOT)
Free Upgrades For Life (HOT)

Brute Force SEO EVO2

Brute Force SEO EVO2
Product: Brute Force SEO EVO2

Price: $157/mo

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It Doesn’t Matter WHAT The SE’s do… What Algorithms They Change… What Ignorant, Restrictive Conditions
They Put On You. EVO PROFESSIONAL Will Cut Through All The Problems Like A Samurai Sword Through
A Sausage, And BLOW Your Sites To The Top Of The Search Rankings In Record Time!
Here’s A Bare-Bones Recap Of EVO’s Talents,
which the new Pro Release keeps mostly intact,
(with several startling changes):

Creates and confirms E-mail accounts totally on autopilot…
Creates sites that You Own Forever, solving Captchas along the way…
Promotes your new linking sites and your money sites to Smoking Hot Web2.0 properties…
Provides a deluge of backlinks to your money sites on over a Hundred high page rank sites…
Strategically links all your new Web2.0 properties together in an incredible web of link juice…
Promotes your money sites rss feeds and the new Evo created rss feeds to the TOP rss aggregators…
Promotes your money sites to multiple social bookmarking directories…
Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds and submits this to the Top rss aggregators…
Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds of all the new Site URL’s and promotes this RSS feed…
And much, much more – but that’s just the beginning of this explosive package…

The doors to Peter Drew’s insanely powerful New Brute Force SEO release: EVO Professional have swung wide to the public, and the time is at hand to secure your future with us using Brute Force SEO Technology…

The user ranks of the insanely High-Tech and Totally Automated Brute Force SEO: EVO PRO Software and the incredibly rich SEO Fight Club Forum will re-fill in the blink of an eye-Not a time to waste,But per my promise, you have the golden opportunity to seize your place in this powerful Brute Force SEO membership by taking action this very moment…But There’s Not A Second To Waste.


SEO Link PRO Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Sale Page:

Product Price: $289

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Building a reputation online can be a long drawn out process. If you want to get your online business off the ground then it means countless hours of providing the proper search engine optimization. Unfortunately this is an area that many business owners aren’t accustomed too, which is why products like SEOLinkPro are so important. Whether or not it’s for you remains to be seen, so we wanted to give you a little background information on this tool.
How does SEOLinkPro Work?

SEOLinkPro is designed to provide you with all the search engine optimization necessary to get your company noticed on the Internet. It was specifically designed for individuals and businesses that need to brand themselves online and allow others to find them through search engine research. However, this isn’t about finding the top companies in your niche and then just copying the backlinks that they’re using.

Instead SEOLinkPro claims they are using an “out-of-the-box” method that overshadows the things that both “noobs” and super affiliate gurus utilize. This product works in the background while you continue with your daily priorities. The most important aspect is being able to allow the system to do the work for you. After all, most internet marketers or business owners don’t want to put in the work to become successful.
What do you gain?

In a few moments can get a better feel for all the benefits that SEOLinkPro has to offer. There are several initial advantages that are on the right hand side of their website, but we want to pass along of few of them right now. Some of these benefits include, but aren’t limited too:

Comment Posting
Easy to Utilize
Finds on Theme Links
Free Dedicated Forum
Full Automation
Guestbook Posting
Instant Download
RSS Pinging
Social Bookmarking
Simple Interface
Uses Anchor Text

There are several other areas that can be helpful, but you will see them here shortly. There are also free plugins at your disposal as well.

SliQ Submitter Plus

SliQ Submitter Plus
[FREE] SliQ Submitter Plus Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Sale Page:

Product Price: $ 49.99/year

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SliQ Submitter is a directory submission tool helping you submit your website details to hundreds of web directories.

One of the main ways of making your website perform better in searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing is to get more backlinks to your site. Submitting your website details to directories using our link building software is a quick and easy way of building backlinks.

SliQ Submitter makes the process of submitting to directories very easy indeed and even includes support for the captcha decoding services provided by decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha for fully automatic directory submission with captcha decoding.

Not only does SliQ Submitter Plus come with over 2000 web directories for you to submit to, SliQ also lets you add your own directories for use in the automatic directory submitter mode.

NEW! Now includes an email confirmation utility to save you even more time by automatically clicking confirmation links in emails.

You can download a free trial copy of SliQ Submitter by clicking on the button below.

XRumer 5.09 Palladium

XRumer 5.09 Palladium
XRumer 5.09 Palladium Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
Sale Page: N/A

Product Price: $540

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Internet marketers are always looking for ways to automate different aspects of their business. Some of the most time demanding activities includes advertising manually and generating links for your website so that you can get higher rankings in the search engine. Xrumer is a software program designed to do exactly these two things on autopilot.

So what exactly does Xrumer do? This program scours the Internet to find message boards, guest books, and blogs you can post your link on. It goes through the major search engines using the keywords you set for it, the domain extension, and even the type of site. By waiting a couple of minutes after you start searching, you will get back a result of several thousand sites.

The program works in conjunction with Hrefer which basically is what takes care of the posting. You can save your list, load any of your saved lists, and even run some advanced features. One of the features that come really handing is the scheduled posting. This allows you to schedule when to send out your posting so you can make it synch with the launch of your marketing campaign.

Admittedly, this program steers into what many people call black hat marketing. It can easily be abused if used out of context. The best way to use Xrumer is to target sites that are related to your own and make sure you post different content so that you don’t just go around spamming blogs and message boards with a promotion about your business. The goal here should be to get a link back to your site to get an opt-in or increase your search engine rankings.

Xrumer Review

Xrumer addresses all the challenges you would have with this kind of program including a proxy feature so you don’t rely on your web host or ISP, an automatic registration feature for message boards, an automatic CAPTCHA solver for sites that use such technology, multi threading options to control how often and how much you send out your posts, and a text changing feature so you can post unique content.

XRumer is targeted towards Internet marketers that know what they are doing. Obviously this program is not targeted towards beginners. Most people purchasing this program will know how search engine optimization works, how to build their campaigns, and understand the risks of using black hat strategy. XRumer also requires some technical knowhow and there is a learning curve but this can be solved by spending enough time with the program.

In conclusion, Xrumer has received positive reviews from buyers of the software program. It does what it claims to do and even comes with a huge list of sites you can start posting on. Again, this program is not intended to be used by beginners and comes with a hefty price tag compared to other Internet marketing products. However, it is easily worth the cost if you use the program correctly.

Forum Poster 3.30

Forum Poster 3.30
Product: Forum Poster 3.30 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key

Price: $295

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Forum Poster automatically register a user with the username, e-mail and password you typed on the board. It login as the registered user on the board and then post/reply it. All made automatically. With just one click!

Forum Poster support add, edit, delete forums URL, Import and export forum URL list.

Forum boards are an effective way to drive traffic to your site. With your posted Ads you can bring hundreds of new visitors to your site and increase your search
engine rankings which counts on link popularity like Google.

1. phpBB2 V2.0.23 (
2. phpBB3 V3.0.7-PL1 (
3. Invision Power Board V3.0.5 (
4. Snitz Forums 2000 V3.4.07 (
5. vBulletin V4.0.2 (
6. Simple Machines Forum V1.1.11 (
7. WoltLab Burning Board V3.1.2 (
8. WowBB V1.7 (
9. MyBB V1.4.11 (
Auto register,login,post/reply message,logout
Support Image Verification
Support skip Image Verification forum
Find open board to post
Selectable forum boards to post (input board number in field ‘ForumID’)
After login and post ,all ‘host unreachable’,’Connection with remote host lost’,’Host unrechable’,’404: Document not found’,’500: CGI script failed’,’Anti-bot’,’Register Error’,’Account need active’ forums save to one text file and remove from database.
You can View process in debug window
Support proxy server
Support add,delete,edit forum URL
Support Import,Export forum list
Easy to use, just enter your texts and post it
Support post multi topic in one session
Your messages can include links,picture.etc(Use BBcode in message,Please see forum help for more information), so your webpage traffic will raise alot [What’s BBcode?]
Increase your position in Search Engines which counts on the link popularity to your site (like Google)
Shutdown PC when jobs done
Support Unicode and UTF-8 encode.
Support Reply Thread
Support different username and password for the message board

Ignite SEO 3.3.0

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Ignite SEO completely automates creating back-links to any website, raising productive output and saving time. Google, Yahoo, Bing & other search engines will crawl the new links and rank your website more visibly within their organic listings, getting you more organic traffic and stimulating your sales. Ignite SEO can submit your links onto more blog / forum content management systems than any alternative automated system. Create large website lists with the amazing footprint database, analyze the backlinks of a url in full detail, track your search rank over time and satisfy all your content needs using the document scraper. IgniteSEO can build links on the majority of platforms it hasn’t seen before, and can be directly trained to conquer new platforms.

There’s no shortage of automated link building tools around, and you may have seen other examples before. However, IgniteSEO is different from all the others, for 2 reasons:

Flexibility – IgniteSEO features the most versatile link-building technology available today. It pioneers a smart posting engine designed to be compatible with as many blogging and forum platforms as possible. The program comes ready to post to more platform types than any other link-building tool. The Ignite engine takes a broader approach to the problem of automated posting on multiple platforms. You do not need to specify which platform you are posting to, as the same general process is used each time. If you find a new platform, it is possible that Ignite can already deal with it. If not, most platforms can be cracked in training mode.

Link Quality – Because it can post links to platforms beyond the reach of other link-building tools, IgniteSEO will diversify your backlink profile in a way no other link-building tool can. Check out the huge supported platforms list to find out more.

IM PowerSuite

IM PowerSuite
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Harness The Power Of Over 60 Top Social Networking Sites Using 3 Popular Platforms Which Forces Google To Love You And Your Clients

The Basic Principle and Simple Solution

Google Loves Social Network Sites And Is Giving Them More Importance Day By Day

By looking at frequent updates its easy to see the focus and way forward that Google intends to go. From acquiring Youtube to releasing the Plus one button, the signs and intentions are apparent. The vast amount of authority available on the many social networking sites is immense, and we have only scratched the surface on leveraging this over to our sites.

I’m not just talking about tweets or blog posts. Oh yes these are important but what about the areas that most of us always miss – backlinks from image sites, audio sites, document sites, video sites all of which hold masses of authority. Not to forget the immense traffic they have themselves.

Why we usually over look these is because they are tedious to setup and take a lot of hours to link all together effectively. Most just give up without realizing the true potential.

So how can this be easily done?

Make it Simple – And this is the solution I’ve come up with. I’ve made an incredible system that lets users set up ALL the social network sites you need and then links them to 3 popular platforms. It then gets you set for top 10 rankings. Best of all its all white hat and Google will Love you for it 🙂

Instant Social Anarchy 1.5

Instant Social Anarchy 1.5
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Price: Sold Out

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Instant Social Anarchy by Russell Brunson is a new and rather unique link building software. I put this tool to a test, and here is my review.

Nowadays, it seems that link building software is being released almost every week. We have Senuke X coming, we have XGen SEO, Seo Link Robot and much more to choose from. The times are over when Senuke was the only choice for SEOs who wanted to build some links.

The new software by Russell is actually pretty good. It is not a typical web2.0 link building software but instead focuses on what is called “micro blogs”, for example identica,, elgg, yonkly and so forth.

Recently i did some backlink examining and i found that backlinks on such microblogging platforms and “status” sites like can add some serious ooomph to a link building campaign. Those links are diverse, and most of all, most of those services use DoFollow links.

I was looking for a software which supports such sites, and here is where Instant Social Anarchy does a great job.

And it starts to totally shine in the hands of more experienced link builders, and in particular if you already own scrapebox and know how to harvest all kinds of footprints!

Using scrapebox i got me a new list of sites and imported it in Russell’s software.

Now…the software does really not lack anything. While the interface is more one of those rather clunky ones, the tool can do a lot!

Automatically creates many, many hundreds of profiles and accounts, using automatic decaptcha.

The number of profiles it creates it really only limited by how many micro blogging sites you want to use.

After you created a few hundreds or so accounts, you can also let the software automatically add groups to your accounts or let it find friends.

You have the option to add text snippets in spinner syntax, and you can send out messages containing your links, and so forth.

Instant Social Anarchy is pretty fast, i didn’t see long waiting times as compared to other programs. Profiles get created quickly.

On other forums i read some criticism in regards to this software, but i absolutely disagree.

Russell’s link building software together with scrapebox is really, really powerful!

If a “wannabe” SEO ignores microblogging links as being worthless, in my opinion those people are really, really dumb.

Not only are those links often on very high (PR8!) domains, they are also followable by the search engines.

With a tool like Instant Social Anarchy and good footprints to use and harvest in scrapebox this combo can create some serious backlink power! Alone the fact that it also adds to a good link diversity is worth gold!

It is simply dumb to say the software is “worthless” since a “microblogging platform is not a web2.0 platform”. (Supposedly). What argument is that supposed to be? At the end, the one with more powerful backlinks and more link diversity is the one laughing, you bet!

This is especially funny if you hear such statements from people who otherwise still think that blog commenting is the best thing since sliced bread…

A smart SEO does not compare tools which each serve a different purpose. Comparing this software to eg. Senuke would be as dumb as comparing any of those to a Article Directory Submitter. Each of those tools has its purpose, and the smart SEO uses each of them intelligently!

Anyway, Instant Social Anarchy by Russell Brunson left quite a good impression on me, and this is what i base this review on.

I can recommend this software even if it is not cheap. It is for sure a good way to get more and also more diverse backlinks to boost your serp rankings.

Mass Link Poster

Mass Link Poster
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Website: N/A (WSO Product)

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STOP! If You Are Already Getting Thousands Of Visitors
To Your Website And Don’t Need Any More Traffic,
Don’t Waste Your Time Reading This Page…

…BUT If Your Website Is Currently Getting
Little To No Traffic At All Then Stop Everything
You Are Doing And Read This Extremely Important
And Timely Message!

Here’s The Bare Bones Of What Mass Link Poster Will Do For You Every Time You Set It To Run:

– Create And Confirm Accounts on complete auto-pilot

Time Taken To Create And Confirm A Single Account Without Mass Link Poster: 3minutes 49seconds

Time Taken To Create And Confirm A Single Account With Mass Link Poster: 0minutes 6seconds
This simple yet effective feature saves you hours when you are creating multiple accounts for different SEO campaigns. Imagine having to create hundreds of accounts manually every time you want to run a simple SEO campaign for you or your clients.

– Automatically promotes and links your “Money Site” from thousands of micro-blogging / social networking site

Time Taken To Create Over 100 1-Way Backlinks Without Mass Link Poster: 5hours 23minutes 41seconds

Time Taken To Create Over 100 1-Way Backlinks With Mass Link Poster: 12minutes 28seconds
Creating backlinks is every online marketers achilles heel and has the be the most boring activity any marketer undertakes. Mass Link Poster gives you the ability to create hundreds of high quality links within minutes.

– Automatically break captures using decaptcher and death by captcha saving your hours

Time Taken To Solve Hundreds Of Captures Without Mass Link Poster: 2hours 53minutes 14seconds

Time Taken To Solve Hundreds Of Captures With Mass Link Poster: 8minutes 40seconds
Trying to solve those hard to read captures can be neigh impossible at times and is one of the biggest time wasters of an Internet Marketer, Mass Link Poster gives you the ability to automatically solve these captures in just seconds.

– Multithread support allows you to run multiple projects at a time

If you run your own SEO service or just have a lot of website that you want ranking in the top of the search engines then running multiple threads of Mass Link Poster at the same time allows you to completing multiple campaigns at the same time, instantly doubling, quadrupling your productivity.

– Automatically add avatars to your profiles ensuring the stickability of your accounts and powerful backlinks

This unique feature allows you to instantly apply avatar’s to the profiles Mass Link Poster creates giving them more of a “human” look and feel ensuring the accounts and backlinks last!

– Spin Articles for unique article submissions

With all the Google algorithm changes happening and websites being punished because of duplicate content the ability to use Spin syntax in your articles to create unique content for each of the sites Mass Link Poster posts to helps to ensure the backlinks are indexed in Google.

– Use proxies to ensure account stickability

Website owners have started to get smart over the last few years and started to put IP detection scripts on their sites making it hard for you to create multiple accounts from the same IP, using the Proxy feature within Mass Link Poster you can make it look like every account is set up using a completely different computer and IP without having to lift a single finger!

In simple, it builds you quality backlinks, on quality web properties QUICKLY. Mass Link Poster is the missing weapon in your SEO arsenal.

Directory Power Submitter

Directory Power Submitter
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“Power Directory Submitter” can submit your websites semi or fully automatically to phpLD directories which are the most popular web directory platform on the net.
Just enter your website info – (Titles, Descriptions, Link, Email) click button and program will automatically do the submissions for you. Forget about semi-automated submitters which does fill only 5 steps of 10 for you and waste your time and makes you annoyed. Don’t bother yourself spending a lot of time and effort promoting your website the hard way.

“With the new Power Submitter package you now have the completely automated advertising solution that can give you the unfair advantage over your competition and allows you use all of these 1000s and 1000s of websites to increase your sales, profits, traffic and leads generation automatically and repeatedly, save yourself hundreds of hours of manual work and save lots of money in advertising costs – money that now goes back into your pocket – and much more… AND that you can do all this with the just a click of a few buttons quickly and easily…!”